ExpressTint was founded on the idea that "excellent work at a fair price would keep customers coming back."
Since we started, 20th years ago, ExpressTint's dedication to quality has made them a favorite with many costumers and companies.
We were founded on the principle that Quality Window Tint matters to our customers.
We offer nothing but quality products and services. Our products are installed by well-trained and friendly personnel. They're inspected to high standards to ensure our valued customer's maximum satisfaction.

Protect, your skin

The sun's ultraviolet radiation is associated with most cases of skin cancer, which will affect one in five Americans over a lifetime. UV radiation reaches us in the form of shortwave UVB and long-wave UVA rays, but glass blocks only UVB effectively. There is, however, a

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Window Tint Installation in Cars & Companies


Tinting your car not only serves to protect the inner parts of your car from damage from the sun, damaging ultraviolet rays, and tinting can also acts as an aesthetic enhancer. Placing a window film over your vehicle can be a form of personalization.


Glass is a vulnerable material and it can break if some force is exerted on it. The commercial or security window films protect the glass and strengthen it to bear the pressure. These window films are of great benefit if properly applied.


Sun rays are becoming more harmful than ever. They cause damage to your health, and could destroy various objects around you. This may include damage caused to your floor, furniture and windows, discoloring of objects, and other unwanted problems.

Safety Film help hold cars, residential and commercial glass in place if shattered.

In addition, the film can be lifesavers for people with diseases involving dangerous photosensitivity, such as xeroderma pigmentosum and lupus.

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